Team Secret has announced the dissolution of the Fortnite roster. The organization decided to leave the discipline. On Twitter, representatives of the club noted that the game has become less relevant for professional teams.

The organization stated that Fortnite remains a good platform for casual players and content creators. Team Secret added that it may return to the discipline in the future, but did not say under what conditions.

The club signed the first Fortnite roster in April 2018. According to Liquipedia, over two years, members of the “battle Royale” team earned almost $280 thousand.

Former team Secret roster for Fortnite:

Team Unique earned its first victory in the Epic Prime League

Team Unique beat Cyber Legacy in the DotA 2 Epic Prime League Season 1 group stage match. Ivan VANSKOR Skorokhod’s Team finished the match with a score of 2: 0 and earned three points.

For Unique, the victory was the first in the championship. She lost earlier, VP. Prodigy and FlyToMoon. The team beat B8 Esports in the standings-the roster of Danil Dendi Ishutin has five defeats and two points on the account.

Epic Prime League Season 1 runs from April 15 to may 12 online. Teams play a prize pool of $150,000.

Loda: “the International 2020 is canceled, but Dota 2 is thriving┬╗

Jonathan Loda Berg shared his opinion about moving The International 2020 to Dota 2. He noted that online “DotA” continues to grow, despite the situation. In a tweet, Berg suggested that by the new dates of TI, this figure will reach one million users and the tournament will become the best eSports event in history.

Jonathan Loda Berg:

“The International 2020 is canceled, but Dota 2 is thriving. In a few months, we have gone from 400,000 players at the peak to 700,000. When TI returns, we will break the million-user mark and make IT the greatest event that has ever happened.”

Valve announced the transfer of TI 2020 on the night of may 1. The company made this decision because of the coronavirus pandemic. New dates for the tournament have not yet been announced, but the organizers assume that the competition will take place in 2021.