Game Developer Conference organizers interviewed 2.5 thousand people. developers to find out how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the gaming industry. The results were published on the official website of the conference.

Representatives of both indie studios and large companies participated in the GDC survey: 20%-solo developers, 15% — two to five people in a team, 7%-more than 250 employees, 18% — more than 500. 8% of developers lost their jobs during the pandemic.

According to the GDC, 21% of respondents did not work on games during the pandemic. 46% said that COVID-19 did not affect the timing, while the remaining 33% said that it caused postponements, meaning that 42% of the respondents had projects that were in progress postponed.

The coronavirus pandemic affected 63% of developers ‘ businesses. 32% said that their companies were doing worse, while 31% reported improvement. The total income decreased in the families of 26% of the respondents, and increased-in 12%. For the most part, the financial situation has not changed.

As a result of the pandemic, 97% of developers now create games from home. 27% worked in this mode initially, 70% switched to “delete” because of COVID-19. The remaining 3% continue to visit the office.

Game Developer Conference Summer will be held online in August. Initially, GDC 2020 was supposed to be held in March. It was one of the first major video game events canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Even before the official postponement, eleven major companies refused to participate in the conference.

The release of the beyond Light DLC for Destiny 2 was delayed for two months

Bungie moved the release date of the beyond Light add-on for Destiny 2 from September 22 to November 10. The Studio announced this on its official website.

A coronavirus pandemic was cited as the main reason for the delayed release. Bungie employees have been working remotely since March 2020. According to representatives of the Studio, the team has adapted to the situation, but the situation remains difficult.

Beyond Light events will unfold on Jupiter’s moon Europa. In addition, there will be a new RAID, exotic equipment, as well as the mysterious power of Stasis, which the heroes can use in battle. The next additions after Beyond Light will be the Witch Queen, and a year later — Lightfall. They will be released in 2021 and 2022, respectively.