As if apologizing for a couple of years without much detail, the Studio Sucker Punch began to share more and more information about Ghost of Tsushima. Our Maxim Solodilov also found out some details about the game from the artistic Director Nate Fox (Nate Fox).

According to the developer, the game will be able to challenge sophisticated players. If the story is important to you in the first place, then no one will prevent you from setting the minimum level of difficulty:

The game is very difficult. And it has difficulty levels in case the definition of “very difficult” does not please you. We have created a combat system in the image and likeness of films about samurai, where everyone usually dies from a couple of swings of the sword. However, this works both ways: you will also die from multiple enemy attacks. The stakes in battle are extremely high. And if you like it, then welcome aboard! If you are more interested in the story, then feel free to set a low level of complexity.

To defeat the bosses, you will have to learn their movements to parry attacks and strike back. “This is an extremely serious challenge that requires many attempts,” Fox emphasizes.

The combat system is not built around counterattacks — you can always attack first, which sometimes will even be the best possible option. The most spectacular and powerful attacks require determination, which is displayed as Golden balls in the corner of the screen. In addition, it is necessary for the treatment of the protagonist.

By the way, violent battles are not the only reason why the game received an age rating for adults. The dark tone of the plot also played a role:

The game tells the story of a brutal Mongol attack on Tsushima. In itself, the story of people’s survival in this difficult time is adult in nature. It has a place for valiant heroes and desperate egoists. Such a serious topic is not suitable for everyone, it is aimed at an adult audience. In addition, we have a brutal combat system, which also contributed to the adult rating.

As for classes in the open world, everyone’s favorite clearing of outposts will be here. However, according to Fox, this does not interfere with the gameplay variety-they say, the game also has a lot of ” typical activities for the samurai genre.”

During a demonstration on State of Play, a player drove past a bear that was gnawing on a Mongol, but decided not to interfere, although he could easily do so. In the game there are both friendly animals that can help you, and hostile ones, like the same bear. Of course, the attackers can be killed. However, the world is alive and consists not only of animals that want to kill you. There are still Mongols patrolling the island. Add to this dynamic systems of changing weather and time of day, and you get an interesting world to explore.

In addition, the main character is able to steal horses from the Mongols, but the main horse named Nobu remains with you throughout the game. An ungulate companion cannot die, and it is allowed to summon it at any time. As you progress, your relationship will develop.

Not all of the content in Ghost of Tsushima was created “manually” — some of the work was left to random algorithms. This should make the game less predictable:

The game is for the most part a combination of these things. It is not entirely scripted, because it is a simulation. But at the same time, this simulation unfolds among the stories, and they are made “manually”. And when these elements collide, you get interesting results, because you do not know how the Mongols will react, for example, to your attempt to save someone from certain death.

And finally a little about the technical features: Ghost of Tsushima supports HDR technology on both the base PS4 and PS4 Pro. The older model boasts only 4K resolution, which is achieved by chess rendering. The frame rate (30 fps) seems to be the same there and there.

“The Ghost of Tsushima” will appear on July 17. Whether the game will be released on the PlayStation 5 is unclear — at the moment, all the developers ‘ efforts are focused on the version for the current generation of consoles.