Insiders: Sony and Microsoft haven’t made all the planned announcements yet

Sony and Microsoft still have unannounced games — not all the titles ready for presentation were presented at the broadcasts that took place in June and July. This was reported by former game Informer magazine editor Imran Khan in the podcast Kinda Funny Games.

Earlier, the editor of the Eurogamer portal Tom Phillips said that Sony will hold another state of Play presentation in August, where it will present new games, including from internal studios. This coincides with information from VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb. He claimed that not only Sony, but also Microsoft held back the announcements. According to Grubb, the next broadcast with announcements of games for the PlayStation 5 will take place between August 5 and 11.

The presentation of the PlayStation 5 took place on the night of June 12. During the event, Sony showed several games for the console, but the company has not yet announced any new events. Xbox Games Showcase was held on July 23.

Cyber Legacy will play Khan in the first closed qualifying match at OMEGA League

Omega League Dota 2 organizers held a closed qualifying draw. The new cyber Legacy line-up is in group A, where Team Empire, Khan and 5Comrades will also play.

B8 Esports ‘ group stage opponents will be 5men, Tempo and MOTACI. HellRaisers will face EXTREMUM, Voldemort and the team that will win the last chance mini-tournament-MEMENAME, Winstrike Team, Euronics Gaming and ScaryFaceZ 2 0 will compete for the quota for the closed qualification.

The closed European qualification for OMEGA League will take place from August 1 to August 9. 16 teams will play for two places in the Immortal division, where Natus Vincere will also play,, Team Secret, OG, and others. The remaining 14 teams will start from the Divine division.

Bubzkji replaced JUGI as part of Astralis

Dane Lukas Bubzkji Andersen joined the Astralis CS: GO roster. In the team, he replaced Jacob JUGI Hansen. The club announced this on Twitter.

The sports Director of Astralis said that the organization has signed a contract with Andersen for two years. By data, Bubzkji’s rating is 1.17 and the average number of kills per round is 0.75.

Earlier, Andreas Xyp9x Hoyslet and Lukas gla1ve Rossander temporarily left the Astralis starting roster to take a break from the competition scene. They were replaced by Patrick es3tag Hansen and JUGI. The team is currently on vacation and will resume training on August 3.

Announced cooperative shooter Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Fatshark Studio has introduced a cooperative shooter Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. The cinematic trailer was shown during the Xbox Games Showcase presentation.

Players in Warhammer 40,000: Darkside will have to fight the heretical cult Admonition to prevent the takeover of the planet Atoma Prime. There are no other details about the title yet, but Fatshark Studio previously released two parts of Vermintide — this should give Warhammer 40,000 fans an approximate reference point.

Warhammer 40,000: Darkside is scheduled for release in 2021. The game will be released on PC and Xbox Series X, and will also be included in the Game Pass library. The shooter will be a temporary Microsoft exclusive.

CS:GO removed damage from false grenades and updated mappul in the official matchmaking

On the night of July 24, Valve released a patch for CS:GO, which corrected the registration of damage from live grenades and “deck”. The developers also updated the list of maps in the official matchmaking — removed Chlorine and Jungle, but added Mutiny and Swamp in Casual, Deathmatch and Scrimmage modes.

List of main changes
General setting

Now Trusted Mode is activated by default when you start the game.
The previous Trusted Mode startup parameters no longer work. Instead, a new compatibility launch option is provided — – allow_third_party_software, allowing third-party software to access the CS:GO gameplay.
For more information about Trusted Mode, see this article.

Mutiny and Swamp cards are added to the official matchmaking in Casual, Deathmatch and Scrimmage modes.
The Chlorine and Jungle maps have been removed from the official matchmaking service.

Live grenades now deal correct damage to the player if they were thrown by a teammate who switched sides or disconnected from the server.
A false grenade no longer causes damage to teammates (this parameter can be changed using the ff_damage_decoy_explosion command).

Fixed caching rules for built-in bsp models that allow you to reload the correct model when switching to another map.
Limited view of the rear surface of the Desert Eagle model.
Fixed a problem with restoring textures in the Workshop on low-quality GPU configurations.

Rescheduling releases, falling revenues and working from home-the survey showed the impact of coronavirus on the gaming industry

Game Developer Conference organizers interviewed 2.5 thousand people. developers to find out how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the gaming industry. The results were published on the official website of the conference.

Representatives of both indie studios and large companies participated in the GDC survey: 20%-solo developers, 15% — two to five people in a team, 7%-more than 250 employees, 18% — more than 500. 8% of developers lost their jobs during the pandemic.

According to the GDC, 21% of respondents did not work on games during the pandemic. 46% said that COVID-19 did not affect the timing, while the remaining 33% said that it caused postponements, meaning that 42% of the respondents had projects that were in progress postponed.

The coronavirus pandemic affected 63% of developers ‘ businesses. 32% said that their companies were doing worse, while 31% reported improvement. The total income decreased in the families of 26% of the respondents, and increased-in 12%. For the most part, the financial situation has not changed.

As a result of the pandemic, 97% of developers now create games from home. 27% worked in this mode initially, 70% switched to “delete” because of COVID-19. The remaining 3% continue to visit the office.

Game Developer Conference Summer will be held online in August. Initially, GDC 2020 was supposed to be held in March. It was one of the first major video game events canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Even before the official postponement, eleven major companies refused to participate in the conference.

The release of the beyond Light DLC for Destiny 2 was delayed for two months

Bungie moved the release date of the beyond Light add-on for Destiny 2 from September 22 to November 10. The Studio announced this on its official website.

A coronavirus pandemic was cited as the main reason for the delayed release. Bungie employees have been working remotely since March 2020. According to representatives of the Studio, the team has adapted to the situation, but the situation remains difficult.

Beyond Light events will unfold on Jupiter’s moon Europa. In addition, there will be a new RAID, exotic equipment, as well as the mysterious power of Stasis, which the heroes can use in battle. The next additions after Beyond Light will be the Witch Queen, and a year later — Lightfall. They will be released in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

In Dota 2, a bug was discovered — because of it, the system does not count the completion of Guild quests

Dota 2 users complained about a bug that caused the system to stop counting Guild quests in Battle Pass 2020 after winning matches. Fans also noted that a similar problem occurred with tasks to unlock the second arcane styles on Queen of Pain and Wraith King.

Earlier, players discovered a bug that caused the effect of Phantom Lancer illusions to be seen through the fog of war. They suggested that this bug was caused by fixing an error that allowed you to get an additional view on the map using the Snapfire ultimatum ability.

Guilds appeared in Dota 2 along with Battle Pass 2020. Only owners of a combat pass can create them, but everyone can join them. Each week, participants can complete tests, upgrade their Guild level, and earn rewards.

The authors of Psychonauts 2 returned the cut out content to the game thanks to Microsoft

Double Fine was able to return the cut-out content to Psychonauts 2 due to the fact that Microsoft bought the Studio. This was told by the head of the team Tim Shafer in an interview with the portal

According to Shafer, at the initial stage of creating Psychonauts 2, developers had to abandon elements that did not fit into the budget. Among them were, for example, boss battles. With Microsoft funding, the Studio was able to bring them back into the game.

Shafer also said that as part of the Xbox Game Studios developers can not worry so much about the timing. This allows them to take a more thorough approach to the work and not start the next steps until the previous ones are completed.

Earlier, the head of Microsoft’s gaming division, Phil Spencer, said that the company is always looking at the possibility of acquiring new studios. Over the past two years, it has bought seven development teams.

In June Blizzard was forced to ban 2-3 thousand bots in WoW Classic per day

Since June 17, Blizzard has blocked more than 40,000 World of Warcraft accounts. Due to the large number of bots in the classic version of the game, the company had to block 2-3 thousand users per day.
Kaivax, Blizzard community Manager:
“Recently, we have completed a series of blocking of unscrupulous players in World of Warcraft. We rarely talk about this publicly, because we know that it can help hackers avoid punishment, but this time we want to share information, as many users have asked for it.

We continued to actively block dishonest players, on average 2-3 thousand a day, and sometimes 4 thousand a day. Daily efforts have resulted in measures being taken against more than 40,000 accounts in America, Europe, Korea and Taiwan since June 17.”

A Blizzard representative noted that the blocking process is both automatic and manual. This is a time-consuming process, since the company needs not only to protect honest players, but also to fight organizations that use cheats to make real profits.
Kaivax, Blizzard community Manager:
“We also play World of Warcraft. We understand what it means to meet a bot in the game, and we fight against dishonest users. This is quite difficult, because we have to prove that the accused really does not control the character himself. We use powerful systems to determine whether a suspected player is using cheats, and our technology is constantly evolving. However, sometimes there is not enough evidence, and then we have to collect them manually, which is very long and difficult. However, the effort is worth it, because we do not want to block honest users. < … > Illegal trading for real money forces third parties to make huge efforts to circumvent our detection systems. This is very important for us, but it is the only priority for bot breeders and illegal organizations that sell and use them. The bans we issue are just the cost of doing business for them.”

The need to conduct a wave of blockages in World of Warcraft Classic was discussed in December 2019. Then users told how they get benefits by running next to the bot and preventing it from getting production.

Cyberpunk 2077 will have the ability to connect to memories and change them

At the presentation of Night City Wire, CD Projekt RED presented one of the game mechanics of Cyberpunk 2077 — the ability to get into the memories of NPCs and change them. The ability was called Braindance (“Brain dance”).

With this skill, you can get more information about NPCs or the world of Cyberpunk 2077. In the presented fragment, V looked through the memories of the bandit and found out who he killed during the robbery.

You can rewind the recording back and forth, or stop it. During the “dive” it is allowed to divide the memory into layers and thus get more information about what happened to the NPC: what sounds were around, objects, and so on.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on November 19 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. All owners of the game on consoles will receive a free copy for the next generation of consoles. In 2022, an animated series based on the game will be released on Netflix.

The US army National guard has become a partner of NRG Esports

Multi-gaming NRG Esports has announced a collaboration with the us Army National guard. The eSports organization announced this on social networks.

The financial side and terms of the transaction are unknown. The Army National guard of the United States has its own cyber command and soldiers-streamers. In addition, in April, it partnered with the Complexity Limit Guild to sponsor Mythic Dungeon International’s World of Warcraft competition.

In June, the Chicago Huntsmen (also owned by NRG), a member team of the Call of Duty League franchise, entered into a partnership with the US army. The US military also sponsors the League itself, Complexity Gaming, and the Ultimate Gaming Championship tournament operator, which hosts Apex Legends Championships.

An animated series will be released on Cyberpunk 2077

On the live broadcast of Night City Wire, CD Projekt RED Studio announced Cyberpunk Edgerunners — an animated series that takes place in the world of Cyberpunk 2077. According to a CDPR representative, the project has been working on for a long time.

The plot of Edgerunners will not repeat the events of the game. The series will have its own key characters — it’s not about Vee or Jack. The show’s composer is Akira Yamaoko — who wrote the music for the Silent Hill series.

The show is produced by a separate CD Projekt RED team together with the Japanese Studio Trigger. The streaming service Netflix is also working on the project, where the series will be released. Its premiere is scheduled for 2022.

Team Unique lost their fourth meeting in a row, losing to OG at BEYOND EPIC

Team Unique lost to OG in THE beyond EPIC Dota 2 group stage match for Europe and the CIS. Ivan VANSKOR Skorokhod’s team finished the match with a score of 1: 2 and earned one point.

Previously Unique conceded, Nigma and B8 Esports. For the team of Johan n0tail Sundstein, the victory was the second in the championship. OG earned three points and moved up to second place in group A.

The next match in the tournament will be the confrontation between B8 and Nigma. The game is scheduled to start on June 19, 21: 00 Moscow time.

BEYOND EPIC for Europe and the CIS runs online from June 15 to 28. Teams play a prize pool of $200 thousand.

PSG football club became a partner of the team in League of Legends

Paris Saint-Germain football club has announced a partnership with the eSports organization Talon Esports. The League of Legends team will compete in the Pacific Championship Series under the PSG Talon tag.

The clubs entered into a partnership agreement for several years. The joint project is designed not only to achieve high results in competitions, but also to develop young talents in the region and create content for League of Legends. Other details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Talon Esports introduced the lol roster in January 2020. The team won the PCS 2020 Spring, and also became the mid-Season Showdown 2020 champion.

PSG FC opened an eSports division-PSG Esports-in 2016. The organization was already represented in League of Legends until October 2017 and planned to return to the discipline a year later, but Riot Games rejected its application to buy a slot in LEC. Paris Saint-Germain also supports DotA 2, FIFA, Mobile Legends and Brawl Stars rosters.

The US army has become a partner of the American Call of Duty team

The American call of Duty Chicago Huntsmen and the US army have entered into a partnership agreement. The team announced this on Twitter. Details of the collaboration are unknown.

In December 2019, the military Department changed the budget allocation for 2020, abandoning television in favor of digital technologies. Two months later, the US Navy announced a partnership with DreamHack and ESL, and in March, it became known about the army’s collaboration with the organization Evil Geniuses. Another similar deal was reported in April — when the US national guard became a partner of the Complexity Limit Guild from World of Warcraft.

Chicago Huntsmen is an American club that was founded in September 2019. It is owned by NRG eSports. Since 2020, the team participates in the professional Call of Duty League, in which it became the champion of the second week of the competition in Atlanta. For the first place, the Chicago Huntsmen earned $50 thousand.

CS:GO may have a new game mode

After updating the CS:GO from June 11, dataminers found hints of a new mode for the shooter in the game files. Information about this appeared on reddit.

Game files belong to Mirage and Inferno maps. They are intended for barriers in CS:GO and are called retake.asite and retake.bsite. Similar barriers are used to reduce standard maps in Wingman mode. However, in it, these objects are called differently-brush.bloker. The dataminer also found a new arena on the Mirage outside of the map.

On June 11, CS:GO developers updated the main tournament maps and improved the visibility of player silhouettes. One of the main innovations was changing the position of the doors at point B to Dust2. The next day, Valve added a profanity filter for text chat to the shooter.

Lelis joined the Quincy Crew

Fleiner Rodrigo Lelis of lellis Santos was the player of the Quincy Crew composition on Dota 2. The eSports player announced this on Twitter.

The debut of the new roster will take place at the BTS Pro Series Season 2: Americas tournament. On June 14, Quincy Crew will face Evil Geniuses in the League’s group stage. The match will start at 22: 00 Moscow time.

Lelis previously played for Ninjas in Pyjamas — he represented the club from January to April 2020. With the team, the eSports player took third place in the European qualification for ESL One Los Angeles 2020 and settled for a 7-8 place on WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon.

Quincy Crew Members:
Yawar YawaR Hassan;
Quinn Quinn Callahan;
Rodrigo Lelis Lelis Santos;
Arif MSS Anwar;
Avery SVG Silverman.

For fans of classics and spider-Man, the artist suggested an alternative design for the PlayStation 5

Australian artist BossLogic has revealed several PlayStation 5 customization concepts. He tweeted renderings of the black version of the console, as well as an alternative design for the game Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Later, BossLogic showed a variant with spider-Man from the Marvel film universe.

In April, BossLogic already offered alternative customization options for the DualSense controller, made in the themes of different games, brands and characters. At the beginning of the year, the artist imagined what the PlayStation 5 logo might look like.

Paradox Interactive postponed the stream with announcements due to protests in the United States

Studio Paradox Interactive moved the stream, which was supposed to share details about the new games. The company made this decision because of anti-racist speeches in the US: Paradox wants ” other voices to be heard now.”
Paradox Interactive:
“We decided to postpone Paradox Insider. Now there are more important voices that need to be heard, and we would like to focus on them. Details about Insider and how we can help will be provided later.”

The Paradox Insider stream was scheduled to take place next weekend as part of the guerrilla Collective online festival. IGN previously moved the Summer of Gaming stream, which was also part of Guerrilla, to June 8.

Against the backdrop of protests, Sony’s PlayStation 5 stream, PC Gaming Show from the PC Gamer portal and Night City Wire, which was supposed to host the presentation of Cyberpunk 2077, were also postponed.

Quincy Crew qualified for the ESL One Birmingham 2020 Grand final

Quincy Crew beat CR4ZY in the final of the top bracket of the ESL One Birmingham 2020 Dota 2 playoffs for the Americas. Avery SVG Silverman’s team finished the match with a score of 2: 0 and went to the Grand final of the championship.

CR4ZY fell into the lower bracket, where it will play the second quota in the Grand final with the winner from the Evil Geniuses — business associates pair. The meeting is scheduled to start on June 6, 20: 00 Moscow time.

ESL One Birmingham 2020 regional leagues are held from may 24 to June 7 in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the CIS, and North and South America.

In WoW: Shadowlands increased the distance for moving without a loading screen

In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, players will be able to move between zones without a loading screen. This feature was noticed by participants of the alpha test of the Supplement.

Blizzard has revealed plans to remove the boot screen at BlizzCon 2019. In the alpha version of Shadowlands, the function is already implemented, but after some trips, you can still see the long loading of textures and unusual behavior of the character: he levitates when passing through the portal. Sometimes the loading screen returns — users assume it depends on the distance between zones.

Earlier it became known that on June 9 at 19: 00 Moscow time, a presentation on World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be held. Blizzard will tell you more about the future addition and show new content from the game.


As if apologizing for a couple of years without much detail, the Studio Sucker Punch began to share more and more information about Ghost of Tsushima. Our Maxim Solodilov also found out some details about the game from the artistic Director Nate Fox (Nate Fox).

According to the developer, the game will be able to challenge sophisticated players. If the story is important to you in the first place, then no one will prevent you from setting the minimum level of difficulty:

The game is very difficult. And it has difficulty levels in case the definition of “very difficult” does not please you. We have created a combat system in the image and likeness of films about samurai, where everyone usually dies from a couple of swings of the sword. However, this works both ways: you will also die from multiple enemy attacks. The stakes in battle are extremely high. And if you like it, then welcome aboard! If you are more interested in the story, then feel free to set a low level of complexity.

To defeat the bosses, you will have to learn their movements to parry attacks and strike back. “This is an extremely serious challenge that requires many attempts,” Fox emphasizes.

The combat system is not built around counterattacks — you can always attack first, which sometimes will even be the best possible option. The most spectacular and powerful attacks require determination, which is displayed as Golden balls in the corner of the screen. In addition, it is necessary for the treatment of the protagonist.

By the way, violent battles are not the only reason why the game received an age rating for adults. The dark tone of the plot also played a role:

The game tells the story of a brutal Mongol attack on Tsushima. In itself, the story of people’s survival in this difficult time is adult in nature. It has a place for valiant heroes and desperate egoists. Such a serious topic is not suitable for everyone, it is aimed at an adult audience. In addition, we have a brutal combat system, which also contributed to the adult rating.

As for classes in the open world, everyone’s favorite clearing of outposts will be here. However, according to Fox, this does not interfere with the gameplay variety-they say, the game also has a lot of ” typical activities for the samurai genre.”

During a demonstration on State of Play, a player drove past a bear that was gnawing on a Mongol, but decided not to interfere, although he could easily do so. In the game there are both friendly animals that can help you, and hostile ones, like the same bear. Of course, the attackers can be killed. However, the world is alive and consists not only of animals that want to kill you. There are still Mongols patrolling the island. Add to this dynamic systems of changing weather and time of day, and you get an interesting world to explore.

In addition, the main character is able to steal horses from the Mongols, but the main horse named Nobu remains with you throughout the game. An ungulate companion cannot die, and it is allowed to summon it at any time. As you progress, your relationship will develop.

Not all of the content in Ghost of Tsushima was created “manually” — some of the work was left to random algorithms. This should make the game less predictable:

The game is for the most part a combination of these things. It is not entirely scripted, because it is a simulation. But at the same time, this simulation unfolds among the stories, and they are made “manually”. And when these elements collide, you get interesting results, because you do not know how the Mongols will react, for example, to your attempt to save someone from certain death.

And finally a little about the technical features: Ghost of Tsushima supports HDR technology on both the base PS4 and PS4 Pro. The older model boasts only 4K resolution, which is achieved by chess rendering. The frame rate (30 fps) seems to be the same there and there.

“The Ghost of Tsushima” will appear on July 17. Whether the game will be released on the PlayStation 5 is unclear — at the moment, all the developers ‘ efforts are focused on the version for the current generation of consoles.