Black Desert has installed an update with a new class Nova, Winter Season, gameplay improvements and new events.

You can play as the princess of Calpheon in all versions of BDO at once. You can appreciate the gameplay in the attached video.

Immediately 5 servers were transferred to the seasonal status. The development of the characters goes from scratch and according to accelerated rules, after the season closes, the heroes move to the regular version of the game world.

Increased the efficiency of Dark Saturation, updated the Black Spirit board, improved the Palette interface.

Angels in League of Angels: Rage of Heaven

The publisher of League of Angels: Rage of Heaven has released an introductory guide to Angels inside an MMORPG game. Players have access to a description of the system of powerful assistants.

You can get the support of one of the Angels on the second day after the server opens, as well as by completing certain goals or conditions of events.

The game has many unique angels with different looks, abilities and attributes. Having received an assistant, send him into battle, at the same time you can summon 2 angels.

The item “Divine origin” helps to strengthen the angels, and by collecting special equipment you can unlock additional skills.

The Soul Soul functionality is also available. You can get equipment and items to enhance Angels by killing world bosses, raids and events.

The release of League of Angels – Rage of Heaven in our region took place on December 8, the game is suitable for gamers with weak computers.

Life is Feudal: MMO will be closed due to lack of funds

The multiplayer game about heavy survival during the Middle Ages will be closed, the studio Bitbox (creators of Life is Feudal) had disagreements with the publisher of the project.

The developers blame the publisher for the lack of payment of a share of the income, the studio simply does not have enough money to support the MMO and release subsequent updates. Now there is a solution to the problem in the legal field, but the version of Life is Feudal: MMO will be closed in any case.

The original Life is Feudal: Your Own and the Life is Feudal: Forest Village simulator on Steam will remain active.

All servers of the MMO version will be closed on January 18, shortly before the shutdown of the online game, the developers will install the latest patch, which they have been working on recently.