Since June 17, Blizzard has blocked more than 40,000 World of Warcraft accounts. Due to the large number of bots in the classic version of the game, the company had to block 2-3 thousand users per day.
Kaivax, Blizzard community Manager:
“Recently, we have completed a series of blocking of unscrupulous players in World of Warcraft. We rarely talk about this publicly, because we know that it can help hackers avoid punishment, but this time we want to share information, as many users have asked for it.

We continued to actively block dishonest players, on average 2-3 thousand a day, and sometimes 4 thousand a day. Daily efforts have resulted in measures being taken against more than 40,000 accounts in America, Europe, Korea and Taiwan since June 17.”

A Blizzard representative noted that the blocking process is both automatic and manual. This is a time-consuming process, since the company needs not only to protect honest players, but also to fight organizations that use cheats to make real profits.
Kaivax, Blizzard community Manager:
“We also play World of Warcraft. We understand what it means to meet a bot in the game, and we fight against dishonest users. This is quite difficult, because we have to prove that the accused really does not control the character himself. We use powerful systems to determine whether a suspected player is using cheats, and our technology is constantly evolving. However, sometimes there is not enough evidence, and then we have to collect them manually, which is very long and difficult. However, the effort is worth it, because we do not want to block honest users. < … > Illegal trading for real money forces third parties to make huge efforts to circumvent our detection systems. This is very important for us, but it is the only priority for bot breeders and illegal organizations that sell and use them. The bans we issue are just the cost of doing business for them.”

The need to conduct a wave of blockages in World of Warcraft Classic was discussed in December 2019. Then users told how they get benefits by running next to the bot and preventing it from getting production.