Dota 2 users complained about a bug that caused the system to stop counting Guild quests in Battle Pass 2020 after winning matches. Fans also noted that a similar problem occurred with tasks to unlock the second arcane styles on Queen of Pain and Wraith King.

Earlier, players discovered a bug that caused the effect of Phantom Lancer illusions to be seen through the fog of war. They suggested that this bug was caused by fixing an error that allowed you to get an additional view on the map using the Snapfire ultimatum ability.

Guilds appeared in Dota 2 along with Battle Pass 2020. Only owners of a combat pass can create them, but everyone can join them. Each week, participants can complete tests, upgrade their Guild level, and earn rewards.

The authors of Psychonauts 2 returned the cut out content to the game thanks to Microsoft

Double Fine was able to return the cut-out content to Psychonauts 2 due to the fact that Microsoft bought the Studio. This was told by the head of the team Tim Shafer in an interview with the portal

According to Shafer, at the initial stage of creating Psychonauts 2, developers had to abandon elements that did not fit into the budget. Among them were, for example, boss battles. With Microsoft funding, the Studio was able to bring them back into the game.

Shafer also said that as part of the Xbox Game Studios developers can not worry so much about the timing. This allows them to take a more thorough approach to the work and not start the next steps until the previous ones are completed.

Earlier, the head of Microsoft’s gaming division, Phil Spencer, said that the company is always looking at the possibility of acquiring new studios. Over the past two years, it has bought seven development teams.