Editor Matt Gardener called the next-gen console a disappointment of 2020.
He believes that the results achieved are too small that Microsoft should have taken a larger step forward.

Despite this, he notes that there are a number of good innovations, such as Quick Resume, which helps to switch between games. He also mentioned that the gamepad Xbox does not change. The manufacturer added a Share button and changed the port for charging and connecting.

Review of 2K monitor Philips 275E1S with SmartImage game mode

The usual FullHD monitors for most are gradually being replaced by higher quality 2K and 4K models.
Such monitors impress with their picture and effective reproduction of video or modern games. Choosing a device today is a difficult task, because the market is annually replenished with new models. Therefore, today we will tell you about one of the most versatile 2K monitors – Philips 275E1S. And we will start with the appearance.

Appearance and stand
The design of this model is strict. No frills, flashy plastic inserts or LED backlights. Classic, but looks confident and neat in any setting. Fits perfectly into the stylish interior of the workplace or a cozy corner of the house. The case of the monitor is completely matte – we like this option more gloss. It is noteworthy that mercury and lead were not used in the production of the display, which means that it is environmentally friendly and will not harm the environment during future disposal.

External power supply. This has its advantages, because in the event of a breakdown of the power supply, you will not have to hand over the entire monitor to the service or disassemble it. The back side of the case is also made of matte black plastic with a light texture. All connectors are located on the back side: HDMI, VGA (D-sub), DisplayPort, as well as 3.5 mm audio output and a connector for connecting a cable from an external power supply. On the front side there is a touch panel for switching on and controlling the menu.

The Philips 275E1S stand looks very original: a practical and stable square that keeps the monitor securely on the table. The stand is also made of matte plastic, which is not subject to scratches. The whole structure is assembled quickly and easily. Tilt is possible in the range of -5/20 degrees. Has a VESA mount, thanks to which the monitor can be placed on the wall.

SmartImage Game Mode
The Philips 275E1S is equipped with Philips’ state-of-the-art “SmartImage” technology. The technology allows gamers to switch modes in the OSD based on the needs of the game. For example: when playing Doom or CS: GO, it is better to choose the FPS (first person shooter) mode, which improves the display of dark scenes and allows you to better see hidden objects in the dark. Racing mode is used for racing and enhances the image by increasing response time and improving color rendering. For strategies, the RTS mode is turned on, which highlights certain areas and changes the size of the picture.