Popular esportsmen
In ten years, eSports disciplines have gone from basement gaming clubs to the coolest arenas in the world. Fans dream of getting into the competition, millions of users watch online broadcasts of games, and sponsors offer crazy prize money for winning the major majors.

The betting industry is also fueling interest in esports. Leaders of the entertainment industry sponsor major majors. In the line of bookmakers, more than fifteen percent is devoted to e-sports:

Dota 2;
FIFA 2020;
Bettors carefully study e-football betting and other disciplines in order to develop a winning strategy.

Cybersportsmen are very popular media personalities:

Roman “Ramzes” Kushnarev;
Johan “N0tail” Sundstein;
Sebastian “Ceb” Children.
Their personal contracts are amazing. Spending time playing a computer game and getting a lot of money for it is the dream of many young people. How to make a step from a simple lover of computer “shooters” into the world of eSports? Professionals provide five invaluable tips.

Five tips from a guru
Learn to analyze the situation. In a cyber duel, the winner is not always the one who presses the buttons the fastest. Strategy, tactics and lengthy training are important. It is necessary to devote a lot of time to watching the fights of the best esportsmen and analyzing their actions.
During the training process, it will be important to work out the techniques of professionals. This will help you react to a standard situation on the map in a split second.
Learn to combine. An esports player is not torn out of everyday life. You need to give yourself some rest, and make time to socialize with friends and family. Will not leave the freak fixated on the game as a full-fledged professional. The ability to switch on time is an important quality.
Chat with players and join a team. The professional player is part of the team. The sooner a novice athlete finds like-minded people, the easier it will be for him to adapt to the esports gaming industry.
Take care of your health. Cybersportsmen have a specific lifestyle. It is necessary to compensate for it with physical activity, walks in the fresh air and special exercises.
Self-control. In the career of every professional, there are failures. The sooner a player accepts failures and lives the next match, the sooner he will become a professional.