A Dota 2 player found a new mention of the Diretide 2020 mode in the game files. This time, the user found lines of code associated with the event’s rewards page. He announced this on reddit.

Valve has not officially announced Diretide 2020, but earlier in the files “DotA” already found related lines of code. Then users also found a mention of candy. In previous Diretide events, Users had to collect sweets to win a match — items reduced the owner’s health.

Previously, the developers held a Dota 2 summer event “Aganim’s Labyrinth”. In it, players were asked to go through rooms with different opponents. The event also included a competitive mode that was activated once a week.

Xbox Chapter: “You will see for yourself that the Series S will sell better».

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer said that the Series S can become the best-selling console of the new generation. In his opinion, voiced in an interview with Kotaku, the low price will be a decisive factor for the consumer.

Head Of Xbox Phil Spencer:
“I think that during the Christmas season we will sell all the consoles that we can ship. I believe that the demand for pre-orders will exceed the supply. As for our confrontation with the PlayStation, I think that the first time the market share will be most affected by the volume of deliveries. And then, according to our forecasts, the price will be crucial, and you will see that the Series S will sell better than the Series X.

The author of the updated Cache released an improved version of the map in CS:GO

Artist and level designer Sean FMPONE Snelling updated de_cache for CS:GO. The improved map is currently only available in the Steam workshop — when the changes will be applied to the official version of the location, it is not reported.

In a tweet, FMPONE said that it removed unnecessary details of the environment from the map, and also generally improved the visual component of Cache to make it more pleasant to look at. Valve usually introduces major location updates to the main CS client:GO a few days later.

The redesigned Cache appeared in the shooter on October 18, 2019 and became available for playing in all official modes. Before that, in March of the same year, the map was removed from the competition mappul — instead of it, Vertigo was used in tournaments.