With today’s update, the Conquerors Blade will kick off the Black Friday Sale, a special event with currency and a shop. Include new rewards for logging into the online game and change the gameplay.

Capture format battles in the Emerald River and Old Ruins locations will become faster. Reduced match time to 12 minutes and also reduced respawn wait.

Territory wars will become longer (by 5 minutes). There will be an opportunity to see the last time of the players’ activity, the Strategist will have the tasks “Leader’s Walk” and “Captain’s Cry”.

Improve the ports menu and add the history of objects in Ungvar. Event currency can be obtained for battles in matchmaking.

Update “Enchanted Forest” in Astellia

On November 18th, the “Enchanted Forest” update will be installed in Astellia. The maximum level of the hero has been raised to 52, a new location with a storyline, a Star Soul Shard currency and an event have been added.

You can get to the new location “Enchanted Forest” with the help of the NPC Animat Researcher Modic, after completing a number of tasks.
By destroying monsters in the added territory, you can get the Star Soul Shards currency, which can be exchanged with the special merchants Platokus and Bow.
Additionally, the “Mad Pumpkin” event has been launched in the client MMORPG, collect candy and fight the Sinister Abigor for valuable prizes until December 9th.

“Fashion Catalog” will be added to Perfect World

On November 16, a new article was released with an overview of the Fashion Catalog – one of the main innovations of the next major PW patch. Players will no longer face the problem of lack of space.

Character decor, mounts, costumes, flights, and pets have a special place in the Perfect World universe. Previously, players may have faced the problem of lack of space while collecting a decor collection.

All accumulated cosmetic items can now be added to the Fashion Catalog. Items will be available for free use, but will be assigned to the character.

The menu of the Fashion Catalog is available from the 1st level, and by opening it the player will get into a special interface. Here you can start choosing a decor and setting it up without being distracted by the location.